Hi, I'm Michelle Quach.

I'm a designer, writer, and inquisitive goofball living in Los Angeles. You could say I've been training to be a design thinker my entire life.

I've always been curious about everything.

Growing up, I read a lot of books. For an only child of immigrant refugees, this was the best (and sometimes only) way to learn about the wider world. Even as a kid, I loved the thrill of stumbling upon something new and doggedly learning everything I could about it. Hermione Granger was my patron saint.

My first obsession was learning to write well.

My love for reading lent itself to an affinity for words, and pretty early on, I became fascinated with the pursuit of precise expression (especially the idea of le mot juste, my favorite precise expression of all time). I was also interested in stories of all forms: as an undergrad at Harvard, I studied history and literature and ran a student life blog for The Crimson. In my free time, I wrote ballads for ukulele.

Then, I discovered the world of design.

I was working as a paralegal at a big NYC firm when I realized two important things: 1) I did not want to go to law school, and 2) I wanted to become a designer. I was drawn to the prospect of being able to create useful things and joyful experiences; I was also energized by the challenges of creative problem-solving. I moved back to LA and began studying graphic design and user experience at UCLAx—and I haven't looked back since.

These days, I bring a multidisciplinary perspective to human-centered research, storytelling, and design.

I currently work as an in-house designer at a market research firm and get disproportionately excited about design thinking projects. I will think you're cool if you talk endlessly about issues in diversity, equality, and cultural representation, and/or you also have a soft spot for comically oversized objects.